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Visiting this page is not an error. You are here to know how you can promote your business; either a product or a service on makemoney2000.com with sponsored post.

Sponsored post is a form of advertising your business through an article or video published as a post. The advantage of a sponsored post is that people can find out about your business when they use the Search engine to look for related businesses similar to yours.

Unlike banner advertisement which stays on a site for a stipulated period, sponsored post remains forever as long the site exists.

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Who Writes the Sponsored Articles?

You are welcome to submit your own high quality and original article to us to be published
If you don’t have the time or expertise to create the article, you can hire our team of brilliant writers to create an original article for you. We know our audiences well and charge just $50 extra for writing services per article.

Writing services are available only in combination with sponsored posts, and full payment must be received before articles are drafted. You may review the article once before it goes live. Our writers are experts in their fields, so this option can help your article really resonate with our readers.

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If you’ll like to sponsor a post on makemoney2000.com then read the following below:

*. Your post will be written by you as you know your business better. If you want us to write the post, then it will cost you $150.

*. Payment must be received before the article goes LIVE, no exceptions.

*. Once the article has been published, there will be no refund of money.

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If you are okay with the above conditions, you can reach us to sponsor a post. Visit the Contact page here.