20 Benefits of Healthy Eating, Good Nutrition and a Great Diet

Every healthy living lover knows one or two things about the benefits of healthy eating a lot these days. In magazines, books, news and even movies, we are constantly reminded how vegetables and certain fruits are great for us. The health benefits of fruits like apple, orange and lemon should make our taste buds delighted.

Sometimes, we hear about news or discoveries that motivate us to eat healthy. Sometimes it does not and we just feel guilty about it. If you need some motivation to get you started, check out the long list of the benefits of healthy eating we’ve explained below. You might be conversant with some of these and might not have ever thought of the rest.

I’m pretty sure that, after reading about the benefits of eating healthy, you’ll get started on journey to eating healthy.

Now, just so you know, by “eating healthy”, I mean a diet that consist of high concentration in fruits and vegetables with no factory processed foods. That means total absence of white bread, fast foods or noodles.

20 Benefits of Healthy Eating to Your Body

20 Benefits of Healthy Eating, Good Nutrition and a Great Diet

  1. Releases Feel Good Hormones into Your Body: Eating healthy makes you feel amazing. Believe you me; I’ve felt this way too many times. When people ask me why I’m so healthy, I tell them “It helps me feel so damn good!”
  2. Promotes Weight loss: Have you taken someone on a diet of coke and fast food? Chances are they’d probably get overweight. Now, place them on a diet high in vegetables and fruits minus processed foods and they’re guarantees to lose weight. If you honestly want to lose weight, eating healthy is the surest way to go. Especially if you plan to remain fit, sharp and healthy for a long period of time. Give juicing for weight loss a shot if you need an effective strategy that works 99% of time.
  3. It helps Prevent and Help Cure Cancer: It is a known phenomenon that the further a food gets from its natural state, the more “carcinogenic” it gets, and the more likely it is to cause cancer. By practicing healthy eating, you’d be preventing cancer infections.
  4. Look half your age: An added benefit of healthy eating is anti-aging. By eating healthy, you’ll be providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs to maintain itself. You will look younger, your skins will glow and become softer, your organs will be in better conditions and you’ll gain more years to your life.
  5. Boosts Up your energy: Consuming unhealthy foods places a huge amount of pressure on your digestive system. This is because the human body was not created to be fed on fast food but rather on a diet rich in red meat, fruits, nuts, vegetables and fish.
  6. Helps fight off obesity:  Obesity is a global health challenge amongst many nations. One of the benefits of healthy eating is that we can reduce, totally eradicate and prevent obesity. This will result in the reduction of obesity treatments in public health systems and promote an overall happier citizen. Need quick recipe ideas? Try this juicing recipe for weight loss.
  7. Improves budget and Saves money: One of the numerous benefits of healthy eating is that it cost less when compared to eating out! Buying a bunch of factory processed food is one sure fire way to quickly run out of cash. You’ll also save cash in the long term, as you’ll be out playing tennis, jogging and riding a bike while others spend their days seeing doctors and other medical personnel.
  8. Pushes You to Try new things: By being incredibly healthy, you’ll open up your body system to a whole new experience (food or increased performance). You will naturally find yourself taking on more risky tasks and enjoy more adventure in your life.
  9. Be a good example: Aren’t you tired of fast foods? Want things to change? Truth is, change begins with you. You can set an example for the generation that comes after you. Which will it be, eating healthy and living longer or eating fast foods and dying early? Choose wisely.
  10. Helps Keep your teeth and Gum healthy: The healthier the food you consume, the healthier your gum and teeth. However, your teeth begin to rot the more you consume unhealthy food. Unhealthy food is not limited to Candy- Do you know sugar is contained in the bread you eat?
  11. Aids You in Building Better relationships: The more you take in healthier foods, the more effective your performance in your relationships. You’ll contribute more value and you’ll quickly become a source of love and joy. If you’ll ask me, this is one of the greatest benefits of healthy eating.
  12. Learn to cook Yummy and healthy delicacies: It sucks not to know how to cook (one of the cons of buying processed food). Want to become a better cook? Get into your fruit and veg store and get some ingredients. Walk into your kitchen and cook up your favourite meal. You’ll learn and polish your skills the more you cook variety of foods.
  13. Broods Your Motivation and helps you stay Motivated: Another awesome benefit of healthy eating is that you tend to experience extreme motivation. Rather than feel tired and lethargic from consumption of healthy food, you’ll be pumped full of energy, looking for new things to accomplish. You’ll become a champion and achiever.
  14. You Naturally Get more from life: Life is interesting when there is sound health. It is not so much without your health. Practice eating healthy habits and you’ll great deal out of life. You can see from this page.
  15. Encourages Conservation and Saves the environment: In case you haven’t noticed, vegetables and fruits don’t come wrapped in plastic bags. What this means is that whatever you don’t use, you can simply throw or plant in your garden. But you wouldn’t want to do that with plastic. Would you?
  16. Sleep well and Live Great: Avoid eating junk for a whole week and you’ll experience sound sleep. Imagine not eating junk for a year, you’ll most definitely sleep better. Your body becomes more relaxed, functions properly and you’ll have more bubbles of energy the next day.
  17. Wake up earlier: When you sleep well, you’ll wake up earlier feeling better. How good is that!
  18. Get more done: One of my favorite benefits of healthy eating, along with being motivated, feeling like heaven and waking up earlier, is that you get more done. All of it adds together in an explosion of good vibes. You’ll love it!
  19. Smile more: When you feel good, you smile more.
  20. Inspire Others: By being healthy and demonstrating the cool benefits of a nutritious diet, you’ll inspire almost everyone around you to stay off junk meals and live healthier lives. Sounds great, huh!

4 Ways to Improve Your Diet

  1. Juicing: A smart way to take advantage of the countless benefits of healthy eating. Want tips or need ideas? See Juicing Recipes.
  2. Drink lots of water: You should drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day at a minimum to get your digestive juices working smoothly for the new day.
  3. Eliminate processed foods: Go into your kitchen and clear out every bit of junk food. Throw away every quantity of junk food that you have. Does anything look unhealthy to you? Throw it away in the waste bin! Fill your kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables instead.
  4. Get rid of your salt shaker: Trace the evolution of humans and you’ll be shocked to discover that we originally did not have any added salt in our diet. So imagine the amount of harm we cause to ourselves each time we add salt on everything. What are you waiting for? Throw away the salt shaker and you’ll feel great afterwards.


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